Sunday, March 30, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Ep 8

Episode 8 is out and the girls have to do a photo shoot that shows them being fun and happy in the company of their friends.

Before that, they also had a catwalk in Genting for 3 different brands. From what I could see from their catwalk styles:

Adeline - she isn't centred enough. By moving and swaying her shoulders too much, her walk became a little sloppy!

Cindy - her walk in the sportswear is pretty laid back. I would think that it needs to be strong and vibrant for sportswear to bring out the life of the outfit. In the dress outfit, she tried to put on an air of sophistication but it just came out with her looking arrogant! Sigh~ she needs to figure out that holding her chin up all the time just makes her look stuck up!

Eyna - she always captures attention but her sportswear walk was looking a little too casual.

Hanis - Not a bad walk in the dress but could see her mind thinking and concentrating during the sportswear bit.

Jay - she needs to SMILE!

Nadia - love it! She exudes an aura.

Ringo - her personality shines through her catwalk and you can tell that she is friendly and a cutie!

(Disclaimer: As I could only see seconds of what was shown in the website, their walk could have been different in reality! Haha~ as we all know what editing can do!)

Now, on to the photo shoot.


The first picture looks great and really cute. Second picture looks a little weird (the hair messed it up!). 3rd and 4th are ok! The photos are good overall but not special enough.


Love the 1st and 4th picture. Overall, good but doesn't stand out.


She doesn't have the most feminine or cute face so she really needs to push this to make it work. Her photos this week isn't good. Especially the second one, her face looks like it's contorted to side. Her smile and eyes doesn't reflect happiness and enjoyment either!


LOVE this! Fun, friendly, happy and young! She got the look and feel of it. Her second picture is the best, it is simply amazing and definitely makes people stop for more than 5 seconds! She nearly took "winning photo" of the week but her jagged teeth just spoiled it a little.


Love this girl but sadly, her photos came out looking just ordinary. She needs to show more personality.


This is a tough photo shoot for her as she is naturally quiet and not the smiley outgoing type. For someone who takes FAB photos, this one doesn't work.

I still forgive her, one bad photo week is expected but as she has consistently been in the bottom 5, not sure if she can survive. Please VOTE people!


What can I say! She takes "winning photo" of the week.

Amazing, amazing! Her second picture wins it for me. Great eye contact and smile. She did the whole slight turn to the side angle which worked brilliantly for her. Jay did the same thing but it ended up looking more like a smirk. Everything about it is just perfect, her smile, her make up! I can't help but keep staring at the picture.

Kudos to her!


Cute but not special enough!

That's my take on Episode 8. Till next time.

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