Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Ep 9 & 10

How quickly time passes and it's now another week onto Malaysian Dreamgirl and we have episode 9 & 10.

I was a little surprised with how many parts there was to episode 9 as there are usually only 3-4 parts whereas this week, it has double that! Woowee~

We see the girls going for an individualised hair spa treatment during the day. Honestly, it was dragging a bit as the viewers were given a few minutes take of each girl going through what their hair problem was, how they feel about the hair spa and saying their 'thank yous'. Having to listen to it 7 times is not funny.

What are your plans after getting your hair beautifully done? Clubbing of course it seems. I never like going clubbing the same day that my hairs gets beautifully done as you go from nice and clean smelling hair to yucky cigarette smoke hair in minutes.

The next day, the girls had a fashion challenge where they had to pick an outfit in their given category and come up with a new look. I seriously wonder whether anyone is usually able to find an outfit in 5 minutes? Just looking for your size takes up precious seconds, somehow the girls managed to do it. Kudos to them.

Later on, they were treated to a behind the scenes experience of an actual photo shoot. Why were all the models there international? I wanna see some locals!

Sadly, elimination came and one of my favourites EYNA is GONE!!!! *sob sob*
I guess her weak photo from the previous week didn't help her cause. It was just this 1 week that her photo wasn't FANTASTIC. Sigh~ she will go far if she continues in this industry. All the best to her.

From that we move onto Episode 10 where the remaining 6 talked about the elimination and their next photo shoot.

Honestly, stop trashing Cindy. All those extra minutes of spotlight on her has given her extra camera time, so guess what? She wasn't even in the bottom 3 this week. There is always 2 sides to every story and the cameras should have just shown us those incidents for the viewers to decide. Example, the shoe incident. Honey, if you're not holding onto the shoe, no one is going to know you chose it first so if someone else is holding it in the end, it's a fair go for her to choose that shoe. After all, it would seem that you didn't want/like that shoe if you put it back on the display stand in the first place!

Now on to the final photos. It's a close up pic and the girls have to show off their Wella hair styles to its fullest and bring the vibe of the hair and reflect it onto the picture.


Don't think this is one of her best. The lighting and tone of the picture actually added years onto her and she looks old! Is she trying to portray a fierce look? Her expression came out looking like she is confused.


Compared to the previous week, this is not as good. She seems to be showing sadness in the photo but is that suitable for a hair shoot? With the hair style that she got, she should be showing it as a high fashion shoot. In fact, this time if she shows a bit of attitude or arrogance would have been perfect!


She wins "winning photo of the week" hands down!

This picture looks amazing. Doesn't even look like her, it took me a few seconds to recognise her. She looks young and vibrant. Good skin tone and the angle is just perfect for showing off the straight side front and messy back hair style as well as the eyelashes and her facial features. The tone, lighting and everything in this photo is just right!


Strong photo. She manages to bring out the wildness and fierceness of her hair style into her expression. Good photo but somehow doesn't manage to catch my attention too much which brings it down a few points. I noticed that she has been improving though.


It doesn't work. She looks too androgynous that it doesn't bring out the beauty and femininity of the hair. It's her lower facial area and the jaw that she needs to tone down and somehow try to make it look more feminine.


It's still a good photo but not one of her best! She is showing off everything (the hair, her face angle) right but her eyes look a little vacant which stops it from becoming an engaging photo.


What happen?? The hair, the makeup, the lighting and the choice of make up colour just didn't work and she looks so old in this photo and in fact, makes her skin look really blotchy.

That's my take, till next time.

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