Saturday, February 5, 2011

When it's all worth it!

A lot of people do not understand or know the dedication it takes to blog. I lost count of the endless finishing up posts past midnight and the sheer hours it takes to sort the photos.

It all becomes worth it when comments or feedback is left to know that people do read and do appreciate what you write. I also gained a whole new circle of friends who perhaps share the same passion or humour.

I recently had a dining experience which I truly enjoyed and genuinely love what the chef does. It took me nearly three weeks to write up my experience as I do want to do it justice even when not everything is positive.

With it being a Friday and I am all worn out and sleep deprived, I received a message from the chef thanking me for the review. It is truly a wonderful feeling and words cannot described how all that effort was worth it. Maybe it was the same for the chef too, to get feedback on the delicious creations which they would have spend so much time and effort on.

I guess it works both ways!