Friday, June 29, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nutrient Water

With our the level of consumerism in many advanced countries, you also tend to be hit with an onslaught of a variety of choices for any given item. The world of health, energy and sports drinks is already really huge but beverage manufacturers be it giants or family business is still constantly coming out with new inventions or even just new packaging and marketing ideas to entice the weary consumers of us who tire of the old really quickly.

This is a health drink that came onto the market recently and I was having a look at it when a friend of mine bought it to drink. There are several choices and this one is made of cranberry and grapefruits with Vitamins A,B,C,D and E included.

Now I know that you are meant to drink it as how you would with any drinks. Imagine my surprise when reading the instructions here that it instructs you to "APPLY LIBERALLY" for fast effective relief from other beverages. Wow! That is something new, a drink that is meant to be applied onto the skin rather than be sliding down your throat. What would they think of next?

Josh Groban

I only found out last week that Josh Groban will be holding concerts in Australia. The best thing is for the Sydney venue, it's going to be at the Opera House. Now that is something even better!

I've been listening to Josh Groban since seeing him doing a cameo on Ally McBeal. Absolutely love him! He had me then when he sang on that particular episode. I'm sure that my jaw was not the only one that dropped when he started singing. There was even once when I was chatting with a friend and he told me that he hasn't heard of Josh. I went out to buy his albums the next day and post them to my friend.

Alas! after managing to find someone to go with me, all tickets are sold out! So sad!!! Can only console myself by saying that I am saving money as the tickets are heaps expensive.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Middle-Aged Men

I'm working somewhere far this week, a few hours drive away from Sydney CBD. Been here before and it's a nice little town/country area. Superb food!

Anyway, was happily dining with a colleague and being food fanatics, we couldn't help taking pictures of the food. This guy who looks to be around his late-forties just approached our table offering to help us take a picture for us. Being polite, we just agreed (although we were taking pics of the food, not us!!). All was well and fine and we continued with our dinner till we came to dessert.

This same guy just plonk his chair at our table when his mate went off to the toilet. Being friendly people, we don't mind just a chat. However, he started invading into our personal space by sitting really close and touching our hands! We were like HUH!!!

His mate came back and was looking a little puzzled that his friend deserted him but he came and join us after that. He was alright. All of a sudden, this middle-aged dude went over to my friend and started sniffing her! Haha~ insisting that she had perfume on. OMG!! Even his friend sort of told him in a tactful way that that was just inappropriate and that he was making us feel uncomfortable (including him).

OMG!!!! We just left as soon as we could and I went back to my colleague's room to have a laugh about what happen. The next thing you know, there was a knock at her door and it was that guy again! He invited my friend to come over and have a drink with him next door (which is his room!!). She obviously said no and after that, we were just taking in what just happened!

I mean, 2 single females in their twenties by themselves away from home for work! Even if there were no hidden intentions behind, that would still be inappropriate. And he has a daughter too, he wouldn't want his daughter to be in that kind of situation either!

Anyway, a few days have passed and the guy seems to be a little embarassed by what happen! I can't say that my week has not been eventful!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After a long weekend...

I managed to get a lot done over the long weekend. Finally cleared up about 88% of the apartment so that it is relatively neat and tidy now instead of having boxes cluttering up everywhere. There is suddenly so much space.

That is on top of going being a hair model for a day and getting my locks snipped off! Surprisingly, I got quite a few compliments about my new haircut in the office today. I've not gotten that before. My hair does look a little different to how it was styled on that day. Not as punky and I place all long strands behind the ear so now it looks chic! Alas! The hair colour is semi permanent so it will only last another 2-3 weeks.

It's late and I need to travel more than an hour tomorrow to a woop woop (a.k.a ulu) place for a stock take. I leave you with more pictures from the Hair Expo.

How Cute! Hairdryers...curling the form of a key chain?

Apparently, these are made of Swarovski Crystals and cost a bomb!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Too funky..???

The day came and I was pretty excited. However, considering that it has been pouring with rain non stop since the night before and hasn't stop was quite a big deterrent to waking up at the wee hours in the morning just to be there by 7am. Finally got myself to get out of bed, said one last goodbye to my long hair and off I went. This is a pic of the stage that is used for the hair cuts.

Before the actual hair cut, there is also the prepping time. So I got my makeup done. That includes fake eyelashes too. Ha~

Finally, it was my turn. Umm...I think there was a little miscommunication between the hair stylist and me and I ended up with this haircut! Check out how short it has become. It looks really funky though...not sure if it is suitable for work. It is a short bob with long bits on both sides to even them out.

This is my new funky hairstyle. I have to say that it is growing on me and I am starting to like it more and more. Just a little wistful that my long hair is gone. In the end, hair grows back so I am cool with it. Having a goodie bag which has a curling tongs iron (although I can't use it now without long hair) and hair products plus a cash bonus definitely helps!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Less than 24 hours to go...

There is less than 24 hours to go before my hair gets snip away.... I had to go and get it prep before the actual day itself. Prep meaning that my hair needs to be coloured! This is the hair colour that I got. Highlights that are in different red tones with a tinge of purple as the base across the rest of my hair.

I'm loving the colour so will be an interesting experience tomorrow. I am nervous and excited at the same time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hair Expo 2007

The Hair Expo for 2007 is on again this long weekend at the Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. With any Hair Expo, hair models are required. I remembered being a hair model in 2005 and it was an awesome experience. Got a great short haircut and tons of goodies.

Since then, I have kept my hair short till now. Decided that it was only going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

However, life is always throwing something unexpected and I agreed to do it again this year to accompany some friends of mine. OMG! I can't believe that I am going for it again.

This is how long my hair is now. I now have another 48 hours before it will be snipped away.

I have to treasure it while I can now....ciaos...

Ooh...for those who are interested in the hair Expo, go to this website. This is an 'education packed' premier event that is held annually for those in the hair industry and the public.

Hell's Kitchen

I confess that I am a HUGE reality TV junkie! Already way behind most reality shows due to Australia who tends to show series much later than in the US, I only recently got to watch Hell's Kitchen which has the famous UK chef, Gordon Ramsay. I have to say that it was a refreshing insight to the kitchen and I was loving every minute of it. That includes all the swearing at staff and customers too. Hehe~

It became my must watch show every Tuesday. Alas! Stupid Channel Nine is currently making so many changes to their schedule that it seems that this show has been somewhat permanently axed~

I got myself all ready to enjoy this week's episode only to have it replaced with something else. I am not a happy lady! Sigh~

Monday, June 4, 2007

Celebrity Look a Likes

This was a bit of fun....these are the celebrities that I apparently look like...haha~

Sunday, June 3, 2007

eSpoir pour Homme

Searching for a perfume from Korea seems to not be an easy task in Sydney. One of my friends is just really addicted to this perfume after trying the sample but have no idea where to get it.

We got a tip from a colleague who said that she has seen it before in Strathfield. Off we went on a Saturday afternoon and we searched the whole suburb for it. Alas! It wasn't to be our day.

Instead, we ended up eating at a korean restaurant and stuffed ourselves full of eggs as all the dishes we ordered were egg based! Haha~

If anyone knows where to get this, please tell me.