Sunday, March 16, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

I am a HUGE fan of reality TV and who hasn't heard of America's Next Top Model! Malaysia has decided to come up with their own version known as 'Malaysian Dreamgirl". The twist to it is that this will be shown entirely online. Yes, that's right, online and not on TV.

I was extremely impressed and proud that such an innovation was made in Malaysia. Being aware of the fact that most people have internet and possibly surf the net more than they do with the TV. Showing it online also expands it to a wider audience rather than just in Malaysia. It also allows the watchers to watch it anytime in their own time.

I was happily watching the 3rd episode where the Top 12 girls are getting a makeover. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the hairstylist happened to be none other than Shawn, the hairstylist that I have been with since I was in high school! He is fantastic and I have been a loyal customer for at least 13 years!

Check out Malaysian Dreamgirl, it's worth the watch!

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