Friday, March 21, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Episode 5

We're up to Episode 5 of Malaysian Dreamgirl. It's starting to get interesting with a dash of drama, tears and eliminations thrown in. The girls had their second photo shoot which was a lingerie shoot.

We were shown the conversations of some girls that they have when they get to call home. Something I noticed from the episodes watched thus far, some of it just seems to be fillers and it does drag at times. Something that the editing team and producers need to ponder on.


I like her. She has the height, the bone structure and can take really good photos. Only non plus thing about this photo is the way she placed her legs, not too glamour-ish!


This is not a good photo and the particular posture that she chose is hiding the clothes. If you're modeling the lingerie, you shouldn't be hiding it? Food for thought!


This came out really well (better than expected after her crying fit about how badly she went). Didn't understand why she was crying after the photo shoot though, in fact she seems to be crying a lot in the show. She looks a little expressionless though - where is the sexy?


Her makeover makes her stand out even more! It really emphasises her features and her presence. She is definitely a dark horse. She is starting to catch my attention as the show progresses. A quiet one, but when she walks on the runway like the fashion show they did at 1 Utama, she just grabs attention. Definitely one of my favourites, although she was in the bottom 5 during the eliminations! Oh no...


She's another one that is sort of half hiding the clothes. Her new hair cut really shows off the slenderness of her neck.


Too safe, too boring!


Some of the girls all seem to be doing this pose.


I absolutely love this girl. She's so sweet and yet she can change and look sexy when needed. She's articulate and speaks well. Not just some "lembut" comment that others say. I was rooting for her. Why did she have to leave the show!
You'll definitely be sorely missed!


Strong is what I can say about her. She understands her body and knows how to use it well in photoshoots. As said in the show, she just needs to control her facial expressions and tone it down a bit. Sweet girl who loves her boyfriend very much from the few minutes that was shown of her speaking to her boyfriend. Didn't think we as the audience needed to see those few minutes though.


Good photoshoot. Hers is one of the few that uses a side profile and yet shows off the clothes to its fullest while showing her body proportions in a positive light.


What can I say? She definitely caused a bit of controversy with the post she did on her blog. She shows off the lingerie well (including her own assets) while giving the photo a slightly sweet look which suits her personality.


She has this sweet and quirky personality that is just really endearing and it shows in the photos. With her new haircut, it really emphasises her large eyes.

The last 10 minutes was on the elimination. There was only Sazzy Falak and the girls. While she was talking about the photos of each girl, you can't actually see it. That is just bad! And where were the judges? It would be good to hear what the judges have to say as well.

We now have 3 girls gone. Two of my favourites, one being Jean has left and another Eyna is on shaky ground. Hopefully, she starts showing more of her personality and gets to stay longer.

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