Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cupcake mission accomplished!

FINALLY.....after three weeks of trying, I managed to get my cherry blossom cupcakes!

Walking back from Hummingbird, there were 2 little kids walking in front of me. The elder brother holding the hand of his little sister and walking along the pavement. Imagine being little kids on a busy pavement and having people walk by you from all directions as well as watching out for traffic.

What happen next brought a smile to my lips and touch my heart. The brother guided the little sister to the other side of him so that he is standing closest to the road and her to the pavement and shops. Protecting her more from the danger of the traffic (both human and vehicles). This is what I call pure selfless love and care.

I've always noticed that in a man if he does that, sign of being a true gentleman. To see that in a kid...little boy you rock!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Brithday to....


Another year has passed and it is another year older or should I say wiser? LOL!

Time to look forward and hopefully it will be a fantastic year....there are still tons of stuff and wishes and dreams that I have and want to fulfill. myself a nice little pressie...all thanks to the phone fund courtesy of my ex-colleagues and wonderful friends.....I am losing LOTS of sleep over this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dreams are made of....

Lately, I have been pretty stressed and my emotions feel like it has been on a non-stop rollercoaster ride. I can’t help but still feel a little anxiety that seems to like to linger just around the corner, unseen but its presence felt.

I have a dream, a dream that I am hoping will be materialised. Seeing others who have trodden down the path and been successful helps to make it seem, “It can be done!” I find that thinking about my dreams helps to take my mind off things.

Dreams are good, mine is made of hope, faith, determination, willpower yet it includes dashes of fear, worries, sweat and tears. I have a big dream and I will need to go through all that to make it work in the future, in the meantime, thinking about it brings joy to my face and bring me to a happy place.

What are your dreams and what are they made of?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you, Decca Aitkenhead

While reading an article online, a sentence from the journalist really stood out to me. “I do, however, recognise that what I like to think of as my opinions are really emotional prejudices” ( My mind immediately thought of a particular friend that I know.

While it is without a doubt that we are all humans and are governed and ruled by both our logic and emotions, it is really interesting how each and everyone one of us are ruled in different degrees by these two paradigms.

Being too logical can be interpreted as having no emotions and of almost being like a robot. Yet, being too emotional and losing the balance of logic plays havoc in a world where boundaries are set for the auto synchronisation of people for society to operate smoothly to a certain degree.

The two words ‘emotional prejudices’ got me thinking about how many of us are doing that without realising. Some are reasonably justified through personal experiences and unique events while are the rest just pluck out of thin air? I believe that all emotions have a trigger and it is just a process of understanding what that trigger is.

Reading all the books in the world, seeing the world or even attending millions of talks will not help if one does not have the ability to then extract and analyse, starting with the most important one of all; self – analyse and understanding yourself. I find it is incredibly wonderful that this journalist was able to self-analyse and admit that yes, some opinions are emotional prejudices. It takes more out of a man/woman to be able to do that and shows character.

Thank you, Decca Aitkenhead.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Desk decoration galore....

It is always a period of adjusting whenever you start a new job. Learning the ropes, getting to know the people and the culture. My new company is very different and I am slowly acquainting myself to the bits and bops.
I was so happy when I noticed that there is a break out area and a café but unfortunately my team loves to eat at their desk or out of the office. Have not found a lunch buddy yet.

I am loving the fact that I actually have a permanent desk instead of being immersed in the luck of the lottery to whichever hot desks are available for the past few years. It is nice to be able to experience and decorate your desk. Day by day, I try to make it more me! =)

Sow hat did I get up to? I have some recipe books on one side so that I can look at them when I need a break. Am thinking of maybe a cute figurine or two to brighten me up pr perhaps a tiny plant (although the office health and safety or gardeners might not be too impressed!) I have also been slowly bringing in snacks and shoes! LOL! Aahh…the wonders and fascination of it all.

Got me thinking, what else do people do whether intentionally or not with their work desk?

Have not succumbed to posting photos yet…..