Sunday, April 29, 2007

Muji 无印良品

While in HK, I went to watch the movie "Because I Said So" which stars Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore, not to mention Piper Perabo who was in "Centre Stage". Absolutely loved that movie!

Went to Cityplaza in TaiKoo (太古) to watch the movie and I came across this store. Apparently, quite a lot of Japanese live around this area which is why you see quite a number of Japanese stores.

The decor in the store intrigued me and I decided to go in. They sell a lot of things! Work, sport and casual attire, household goods, sweets, food, furniture etc... and if you look at the Japanese prices on the label, it is definitely cheaper to buy in the Muji store in Japan than it is in HK. However, that aside, it is still cheap buying it in HK.

Looking for travel toiletries, empty cosmetic bottles and cosmetics? You have to come to this store. I regretted not knowing about Muji earlier.

Naturally, I ended up where the food section is..sweets...biscuits...OooOh....
Too many to choose the end, I decided to try their dried vegetables.

As you can see, it consists of long beans, pumpkin, carrots among others. It is definitely something different.

Next thing I tried was the marshmallow with sakura filling. Nice~

What next? This is sweet and sour squid. Umm...wasn't sure about this one but I just had to try it. Tasted it..really is both sweet and sour!

Got myself a drink too...but this is no ordinary is actually Konyaku Jelly drink. I've eaten Konyaku jelly before but never drank one. flavoured too..I like this one...

HTML for Dummies

Starting a blog seems easy at first but if you want to tailor your blog to your own preferences, you definitely need to know a thing or two about HTML. Why?

That is because the set templates doesn't cater for for all the little teeny details that I want in my blog!
So in my quest to designed my blogs to the way I want it, I recently got hold of a book called "HTML for dummies". Now that I have a bit of time and am no longer consumed with my CA studies, I can now start to read this book and all 418 pages of it. Yikes!

Hopefully, I learn a thing or two. In the meantime, my blog just have to stay the way it is until that day comes.

Wish me luck!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Goodbye My Love

Another song that I really like the lyrics is "Goodbye My Love" by S.H.E

I just think that it is really meaningful and that if a situation like that ever happens to me, that would be what I would want to convey to my partner.



Goodbye my love goodbye
以後没有我在 也要快樂起來


Goodbye my love goodbye
以后没有我在 也要快樂起來
Goodbye my love goodbye
我唯一的期待 是你燦爛盛開
生命既不讓我擁有你 會有更好的給你
Goodbye my love goodbye

如果應付的來 請記住我的愛
如果應付的來 請記住我的愛


I find that a lot of songs which have very good lyrics are written by 林夕. I am amazed at his talent and wonder if he ever gets writer's block at all at the number of lyrics that he produces year after year.
This is one song recently that just struck a chord in my heart as the lyrics really hits home to a lot of people. Especially to those who are already in the workforce.


男:我过去 抱紧她 早晚共对
到了扎职以后 自觉太累
而即使相约到 亦无言共对
女:我过去 也只因 工作万岁
我爱侣 极介意 跟他比对
而最怕再奋斗 做强人下去
男:最心痛是 爱得太迟
女:有心倾诉 不可等某个日子
男:盲目地发奋 忙忙忙其实自私
合:梦中也习惯 有压力要我得志
女:谁会在意 谁会及时
男:只差一秒 心声都已变历史
合:忙极亦放肆 见我爱见的相知
男:我最爱 等不到 早已别去
却发觉 心太累 没有眼泪
穷一生 想再追 但难寻旧爱 都似独居
女:我也怕 习惯了 不靠伴侣
谁和谁 又约我 一一婉拒
难碰上我最爱 便独立下去 却怕有人催
男:错失太易 爱得太迟
女:怎么补救 心中的刺永在此
男:盲目地发奋 忙忙忙从来未知
合:幸福会掠过 再也没法说钟意
女:忘记上次 唯有及时
男:只差一秒 心声都已变历史
合:为何未放肆 见我爱见的相知
女:珍惜我所爱又花几多秒 这几秒
男:多少抱撼( 女:不要) 多少过路人(女:抖震)几多相爱
男:人人在发奋 想起他朝都兴奋
女:能吻便吻 谁也是人
男:理想很远 爱于咫尺却在等
合:来日别操心 趁我有能力相亲

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My List...To All Malaysian Bloggers...

I was browsing through a fellow Malaysian blog when I came across this.
If you are Malaysian and own a Blog or have just started a blog like me or even if you aren’t a Malaysian blogger but you have Malaysian related posts on your blog, you are invited to join My List.
This is an initiative started by Daryl and I think that it is fantastic!
Please go to his website for details on how to participate. I know I am participating...

At least now, there is a list for me to check out other Malaysian or Malaysia-related blogs. You'll be surprised by the wonderful array of wit, lifestyles, funny stories, new things, fashion and food that you can discover within these blogs.
If there is one thing I know, we love our food!

Here is the current list & happy blogging everyone.....

My List Participants
Where's My Noose? Duke Amiene Rev Mum & Kids In Wonderland Yum-Yum Cuisine Software, Web Development and Technology just another ordinary story Mummy In Vain's Little World How To Solve Your Question FáLLiÑg LéÃVéS add this to my life Free Encyclopedia High Paying Keywords try-test arshad's photojourney EvelynHolic Lovelymummy's Bay My Yummy Cruise Home Sweet Home Lovely Mummy OnlineBisnes Malay Blog Purest of e2wen MyAnimes MySpace Blog Badruzamani.Org Parenting Life Forum Newbie Bisnes Internet & Blogger Mohd Sufian A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words hcfoo's blog Amazing Grace The Sanctuary Welcome To cHrIstInA_YY's Pink World Defying Destiny Dead Boredom Seeking Freedom Travelogue An amazing & adventurous journey Erin Nurjenna [B][E][A][U][T][I][F][U][L] Fluffy's Day Off My Fairy-Tale Once Upon A Time Money Making Blog Bubba Stuff Little Raymond's quaint melody Seraph Chronicles Route Brumeuse Coder's Talk Reggae And SKA Art Of ApOgEE THE VEGEMASTER LIFE Boonage Coretan Pengalaman Mat Silverhorsegunnysack BLUEAPPLE scribbles Diet & Detoxification Karma Kameleon Hsien's Dirty Little Secret The Rojak Blog keeyit My Life Online Fun Stuffs Donny's Bits Nicholas Chan's Blog dream of's DESIGN strike freedom 115 Truly Malaysia It's another new day Lisan's Scribbles Ramblings of a 22 years old The Towering Joe Life's a Breeze Life's Roller Coaster AceOne118 In His Time in His time The New Sanctuary a life full of surprises Sketches of Life Shannon's Old Space Pikey Dude SEO & Online Marketing Blog Snapshots kahpengBlog I am Who I am yung . silent whisper Simple Life One blog.One girl.One story The World Through My Eyes Why Malaysia? Etcetera~Etcetera Giddy Tigers Make Money Online: Exploring The Dark Side of Blogging Xilly's Blog Malaika Xiao Yu My Home RecipeSQKIKI’s Simple Tech Nukilan Jejari Azhad ITCHY HANDseng Just My Lil' Organic Life Oooh La La... Weird World of MerapuMan Fibre Art The World at My FingertipsOrganic Income Organic Parade Shopping Flavor Daily postings of a chung ling student Something about LAI KennyP’s Technology Blog Women Mumbles Lyon & Wien Under The SUN Crumbs In Life SotongZai's Flow In the Ocean allthingspurple Christene's Kitchen [ Wood ] [ Earth ] [ Cheap ] [ Flight ] COMtech Ah Ling's blog

Anzac Day

Today is Anzac Day in Australia and for the people, it is a day to remember the sacrifices of those who had died during the First World War.

It turned out to be a cold and rainy day here in Sydney as it has been for the past few days.

My room feels really cold from the wind that breezes through. I don't even have to switch on my fan anymore which is a good thing!

I'm currently lying here on the couch in my living room and listening to 莫文尉- 他不爱我. This is an old song but somehow it just came to me again that I really want to listen to this song. I don't know why I am loving this song right now..I wonder wh?!

Today is going to be a relaxing day for me and there will be no more public holidays or weekends where I feel guilty for not studying as it is now over. I still can't really believe...I'm a CA now!
Now, I can relax without guilt and start to look for friends who probably thought that I had disappeared from the earth for the past 3 years.

Hope that everyone of you is having a good day too...with this I leave you to this song....

他不爱我 牵手的时候太冷清
他不爱我 说话的时候不认真
我知道他不爱我 他的眼神 说出他的心
我看透了他的心 还有别人逗留的背影
他的回忆 清除得不够干净
我看到了他的心 演的全是他和她的电影
他不爱我 尽管如此 他还是赢走了我的心

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Day to Remember...

Today is a good day to remember. It didn't start well in the morning and I was thinking to myself.."Oh no..hope that this is not a sign that today is just going to be a bad day".

After slogging away working and studying for more than 1 year without stopping! It starts to get to you. I have finally finished my last exam and with the results release today, I passed! I can now officially dump the CA from "boyfriend" status to a mere friend!

Hehe....I still can't believe that I have finally reached the end and yet still have to work tomorrow on a Saturday.

Oh well....I'll be celebrating after that.


It was a great feeling announcing to the rest of team mates whose screams of joy could be heard quite a distance away. Thank you to those of you who remembered and wished me good luck.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quarter-life crisis?

Do you sometimes just fall into an uneasy mood and random questions creep into your mind?

I've always loved Australia, especially Sydney. After 4 years, things were starting to settle into a routine.

However, after my trip to HK and Japan, I just really missed those two countries and suddenly I feel like "what am I doing with my life?" Stuck in a job that is not my passion and yet not sure what I want to do next.

Perhaps it's also because I am far away from friends that I have known for ages as well as things and entertainment that I like that is really hard to find here.

Coming back from my long holiday and leaving to another state in less than 48 hours for a week due to work probably took its toll on me as well.

And I have to get started on an assignment that I might not need to do in the end!

So many things in my life that I want to do that has been placed on hold for so long that more choices creeps up in the meantime which leaves me in deliberation even more.

I really miss my friends, the entertainment and lifestyle in HK, the friendly people and food in Japan! this what you call a mid life crisis?

Considering that I am only in my twenties, it's probably known more as a quarter-life crisis.
That feeling where you just suddenly pause and take stock of your life that has been wonderful before and suddenly, a feeling of emptiness or a hole in your life as if something is lacking!
At the moment, I just have too many things to do to think about this...perhaps in a while.....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Holidaying in Japan

I had an absolutely fabulous time in Osaka and Kyoto. Although all that walking around temples and shrines really took its toll on my poor feet!

The food is fantastic...I've had the BEST unagi ever in one of the sushi places. It just practically melts in your! The food is always presented really nicely with decorations.
Check out my food blog for all the food stuff!

The people are so polite and customer service is superb. Although they are so polite that I even had to pause for a second to politely say no to people giving out flyers when in other places, you can just walk by.

It can be a problem when you can't really read or speak Japanese though, I remember going to this place once and I selected a dish and the waitress ask what sauce i would like. I looked at the menu and decided to just pick one but the only problem was when I pointed to some random words, those words actually meant "please pick one"! hahaha...the puzzled look on the waitress face was pretty funny...

In the end, the right sauce was picked as the other one meant chilli.

Scouting around for Sakura trees became like a overzealous passion.

Then we come to shopping, if you're looking for skincare and cosmetics, Japan is by far cheaper then Hong Kong and Sydney.

Sigh...I would love to go back again but this time I want to go to the parkland which has this really tall roller coaster...I shall now go back to my dreamland to immerse myself in Japan once again.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Leaving for Japan

Finally, it was the day to leave for Osaka. My sis and I were really excited as we have been looking forward for so long! The trip took us the whole day as our flight was at 11am and by the time we arrived at our Ryokan Hotel in Kyoto, it was around 10pm. It was a bad flight to be taking but everything else was booked out.

One thing that I realised when taking the Cathay Pacific flight, we ended up having to listen to any instructions or messages from the Captain and air stewardesses four times. Especially the flight back to HK. We had to listen to the same message in Mandarin, English, Japanese and Cantonese. MAN! it kept interrupting the movie that I was watching on the screen.

The food was great of the best airline food I've ever had in terms of quality and choices.

I was also *lucky* enough to be one of the randomly selected people by the airline staff to complete a survey on the airline and flight service on the flight to Osaka. I was more than happy to fill it up, haha! The only problem was that the survey was entirely in Japanese! Now, how was I suppose to complete the survey?

The only thing that I could make out was some questions where they had a range and you need to pick one and the range was depicted by smily and unhappy faces!

Now, how do I write on the survey that perhaps they should also have Engligh on it for Jap-illiterate people.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm back....

I'm back in Hong Kong from Japan~ I totally love Kyoto and Osaka although all the walking of shrines and temples and castles have left both my sis and I with really sore feet and internal bleeding of one of the toes for me. :(

As I did not have internet access in Japan, I could not share any of my experiences but just let me compile all my photos and I will post all about my experiences and they would be worded as if it was on that day.

I have to say that I am really excited as I was originally supposed to fly back to Sydney tonight but managed to extend my holiday further here in HK for another week.