Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A summer's day in London

Aah...When I was in Sydney, I always wondered why my British friends were seemingly obsessed with the weather. Yes, I know that the sky in London tends to border on grey for most parts of the year and it rains all the time. I was not entirely convinced that grey clouds and rainy days have that big an impact on our attitudes and behaviour.

Things have changed, after being here for more than a year. I like to pick bright sunny clothes as a sunny pick me up against the grey skies and starting a conversation with the weather does not seem unusual anymore.

It is currently 18 degrees today and in Sydney, this will be known as cold! But the sun is out, I have been missing out on my summer days for days now so I refuse to give in. I still want to enjoy my summer. I refuse to wear my jacket today and to take it as summer as the sun is out.

Strange how the weather affects you doesn't it.