Friday, December 4, 2009

Leaving Sydney in a few hours...

I'm now almost done with packing and leaving Sydney for my next destination. Am really going to miss this place, it's amazing how so many things can be taken for granted and only missed once it is gone.

I still remember arriving about 2 weeks ago and stepping foot on Sydney airport. Turning back and looking at the A380 that I arrive in.

Meeting up with friends (old and new), the surprises and delight on their faces, the laughter shared over a good meal. And plenty of meals there are, you can check them out on my food blog.

Catching up on news and what has changed and what not!

I am going to MISS you all...but it's time to look ahead to what the future brings. I am off to be a bridesmaid this weekend and another week of glutton and friends adventure!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A mountain of thoughts...

It's now nearly 4am in the morning and I have decided to stop tossing and turning in bed and try to do something more constructive with my time.

So here I the blogosphere writing a post about it instead.

What is troubling me so?

Well...after being in Sydney for a week, my love for Sydney crept up to me and I am suddenly missing it even more. Before I left for the harsh shores of London, I sometimes get a bit bored here and wanted to do something different in my life.

Living in London has only made me realised how much we have it great going on here. Don't get me wrong, London is a fantastic place but there are so many little things and comforts that increase our quality of life that Sydney and Australia is able to offer. The culture, the open friendliness, the food (don't get me started)!.

I guess knowing that I have to leave in a few days creates a sadness in my heart and a heavy weariness to my feet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm back in Sydney.....the 42 degrees heat during the weekend was just unbearable coming from the cold and wet London.

I love this city...the food, the people, sounds and sights!

I miss being able to drive in the mornings and listening to Kyle & Jackie O on the radio.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

R's Hens Nite

Last Friday the 13th was one of my good mate's hen's nite. Unfortunately with my job, I am always away from London so much that I tend to miss out on a lot of events and dates that are important to me.

Having looked through some of the photos on Facebook, it seems that it was one really fun and wild party. Tinge of sadness that I had to miss it. Not to mention the fact that I won't be able to attend the wedding as well. Major =(

Just using this post to say to R: Hope it was a blast and some memorable memories to last a lifetime! Never say nay to partying!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

落花有意 流水无情

I recently read this in an email, ‘落花有意,流水无情’.
I have always admired the articulation of the Chinese language and how by combining a few words into a verse, it can have a very different and deep meaning.

Some verses like this evoke a sense of poetry and romanticism.

My initial interpretation of this was of the flower petals (which I took to mean the female) having the intention, but the flowing water (meaning the male) does not reciprocate. This verse is now mainly used to describe the love relationship.

Of course, I wanted to reply to my friend saying “落花无意” as we were chatting about someone we know. That someone happens to be a female and was not the one that has any intentions.
Before I hit send on my reply, I did a bit of digging online to see if my interpretation was accurate.
I found this, “shedding petals, the waterside flower pines for love, while the heartless brook babbles on unrequited love(

My other source was of course my older sibling, not sure where my sister got this but that was what I got the next day – “最初说的是禅理,而现在更多的用来描述情感。落花遇见流水,实属天意,而流水不恋落花,亦是无奈,在人生旅途上有多少这样的萍水相逢、一见钟情、转瞬即逝而又经久难忘的一厢恋情……构成了一幕幕“落花有意,流水无情”的戏剧性场景。但多情总被无情恼,那无情的风景,总让人牵怀.”

Amazing! How 8 words can be used to mean so much about our life when it comes to love. How true that if you asks any singles, many are still searching for someone but the same comment ring in many of them, “ they know people who are interested in them, but those are not who they are interested in, where is that person they are looking for?”. Which leads to the sentiment of 但多情总被无情恼,那无情的风景,总让人牵怀= having more love/affections creates more woe than none, but being in a loveless state makes people cherish for it.

I do ponder, what do you think?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


A single tear she shed for you, tears that shed for no one else before
You are hurt, lost in a world of frustration
You begin to wonder
Is there no light at the end?

Self pity is not the way
She's hurting too, it's not an easy choice
Reality hits you at the weakest point
Life is never fair

Is this how it ends
Strangers among friends
Not a smile, not a word, not even a nod
Does the journey not mean anything to you...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to everyone. Hopefully, your celebration or the watching of the fireworks was better than mine. I was freezing in Leeds! Took me ages to get out of bed this morning for the first day of work in 2009. No amount of radio music blasting in my room was able to motivate me to wake up and I snuggled tightly in the warm comfort of my bed for at least another 30 minutes. Experienced my first snow shower ever ever! Tiny spatters of snowflakes fell together with the rain and landed on the windows of the train that I was in. It was amazing!