Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fancy a house in Newcastle?

During my recent trip to Newcastle, I came across some interesting information and just had to check it out. So after work, I convinced my colleague to do a little scouting with me.

We found ourselves at this suburb and it was just amazing! The sea at your doorstep and you can see people hang gliding.

Even the birds are hang gliding. TeeHee!

Even though it was a hot summer's day, the breeze from the sea is strong and cool! It's literally 5 minutes away from the city centre and you can enjoy the sun, sea and surf. It was amazing, I see people walking their dogs, jogging, having all sorts of water sports and it just felt really relaxing!

The houses are huge and modern.

Well, expect to pay at least $2 million for a house here. I just couldn't believe it. Newcastle is like 3 hours away from Sydney and yet the houses can costs as much as those in Sydney.

Now, I can see why after checking out the suburb, but is the price tag worth it? You pay to same price but in terms of amenities and entertainment, Sydney definitely offers more.

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