Monday, March 24, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Episode 6

After the first elimination, reality seemed to have hit the girls a little more that this show is ultimately still based on viewers' votes. You can see that they are all making a concerted effort now to engage the camera.

From what I can tell, there seems to be 1 or 2 girls that are not well liked by the rest. It seems that they show a different personality when the camera is around or are being two-faced? This is expected in a reality show but it is always interesting to see who they are.

I could be entirely wrong here but from the bits and pieces of information given out by the girls, I think that they could be talking about Natasha and Cindy.

Natasha and Alison were eliminated in the last round. With Natasha, even though she takes good photos, I don't think she necessarily have the looks to be a successful one. From her post elimination chat, I get the impression that she isn't fully interested in becoming a model. It seems to be more of her aunt's idea than hers. I guess then that others who put their hearts into this should deserve a better chance.

With Alison, she didn't really stand out much at the times that the camera was on her, that could perhaps explain why she might not leave as much of an impression as the others. With reality shows like this, you really need to show your personality and stand out to be remembered. Most Malaysian girls tend to be really polite which doesn't reflect your personality on screen. You need to remember to show people who you are, being quiet and giving "lembut" answers isn't going to work and get people to vote for you.

Hence, even though I am not a huge fan of Cindy but she talks and she shows her presence on screen (whether you like it or not)!

With this week, the girls had to do a photo shoot that runs through the night. It is titled "precinct" and is meant to display a masculine look and feel. I am going to start something new and will choose a photo from each shoot that I think is the "Winning Photo" or "Photo of the week".


Totally disappointed with this shot of Adeline. The pose that she chose does not flatter her at all and doesn't show off the clothes and what the shoot is trying to achieve. You can tell that her eyes are strong and it would have been better if she was looking straight at the camera. It would have made a better photo.


This one isn't working either. The angle of her face just doesn't seem right. If she turned her face slightly more to face the camera and perhaps extend her pose more to the front than to the side, it would look more masculine. I ended up looking more at the background instead of her (which should have been the focus)!


Totally love this photo. It just grabs your attention for more than 5 seconds when you look at it. She has a questioning look but it works for her. She also manages to place her face at an angle that flatters her and with a pose that accentuates her body line and figure. Her pose also brings out an understated sexiness to the masculine clothes that she's wearing. Thus, she manages to pull off the masculine look while showing a feminine sexiness at the same time. All attention is definitely on her instead of the background in the photo.

Was a close call to getting the "Winning Photo" for the week.


Good photo but it lacks something. Her expression and her eyes just needs to be a little stronger. At the moment, I can't tell what direction is she trying to go with: sultry? cool? confused?


Good pose and look but it's not standing out. She needs to come out a little stronger in the photo. Assert a little more aggressiveness. Modeling requires a little acting and even though she has a softer, feminine personality, she needs to portray something different for this shot to work.


This works! The pose is good, she's displaying the clothes well. Even though there isn't a masculine feel to it but you can sense a feeling of angst coming from her which works too. It's probably coming from the after effects of the elimination where she just lost Alison.


I like what she said about acting to bring out what the clothes and aim of the shoot is. She spoke well and is beginning to show her competitive side which is a good change to the crying that was shown of her in the previous episode.

This shoot displays her in a side profile but has a laid back feel to it which works for her. Even though it's a side profile and she has a hat which could have potentially covered her face, she angled her face in such a way that you can still see her whole face (very important as you want people to know who you are) and the photo and her personality still comes out strong but not too intimidating. Funny how it takes a photo which doesn't show her eyes to result in a photo that isn't too fierce.


She takes the "Winning Photo" title this week.

Why? The entire focus of this photo is on her. She seems to have improved as well and is able to bring a different side to her into this shoot that is different from her own personality.

The photo comes out strong, she looks totally different and is totally selling the outfit and shoes. I immediately feel like buying whatever that she is wearing. Even though her clothes are more feminine that the other girls, she still manages to bring a masculine feel to it while keeping it sexy in a modern preppy way.

The fact that I couldn't recognise her straightaway shows that she is growing and improving and able to bring different looks. My surge to want to buy whatever she is wearing has just fulfilled the advertiser's dream, her photo wins it.


Really disappointed with this shot. I love Valerie but this photo just doesn't work. Her leg is at a weird angle, she is slouching and she seems lost in thought or in another world. Where is your focus? If she straightens her back more and just shows off the clothes proudly, this pose would have worked for her.

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Till next time, adios.

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michelle said...

hey kay jean! glad to see you're blogging regularly again =)

i haven't been keeping up with the mdg craze, but have been interested enough to skim through the gallery occasionally.

have to say, cindy doesn't come across as the nicest of people. i stumbled across her blog when she was still doing fine arts in u tas and erm, yeah, me no likey. she only has one facial expression as well - the lanci face and her pose looks seriously awkward, plus her jeans are strained to the point of busting, not a good look.

cheesie has had modelling and some pageant experience as well, and it shows in her photos. if you were to go on looks alone, she's be the next mdg i think! she looks seriously intense in that photo and she's done something different from everyone else, which is the point isn't it? it's like her closed audition pose where she propped herself against the wall and did that whole coy-yet-sexy thing which she does so well.

some of the other poses were fierce like you said - particularly liked eyna's and fiqa's.