Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Newcastle - Week 2

One of the things that you don't see often nowadays are train tracks that cut across the roads that is still operating! I was delighted when I saw this in Newcastle.

Check out the whole traffic signal and cross bars being used when a train is coming.

Checked into my hotel and I was given another room this time.
After a long day with starting in the early morning, I was looking forward to some R&R.

Pop into the bathroom and SWEET! I have a spa in my room. I am definitely soaking in some of that tonight! They even provided me with bathrobes and bedroom slippers. I suspect that I have the spa suite this time.

The view is better in this room compared to the one that I was in last week.

Ciaos....can't wait to enjoy my spa and some good old cable TV on the nice and wide flat sceen.

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