Monday, May 5, 2008

Sammi Cheng's concert

It’s been a busy weekend for me. A wedding on Saturday and then attending Sammi Cheng’s concert last night.

I usually wouldn’t go to a concert on a Sunday with the next day being a workday. I do not have enough sleep as it is.

Since I’ve already bought the ticket, can’t say no and waste my money on the day itself, so off I went. Got there about half an hour early and the venue was still looking pretty empty. However, another 10 minutes past and suddenly, people were arriving in droves!

Got to our seats and we were all given complimentary "Pong Bong" sticks. We got great seats (thanks Michelle), near the centre and second row from the front at the first level.

I was wondering if the concert was going to start on time as concerts usually do not last for more than 2 hours and if she didn’t start at 8.15pm as stated, the concert might only be 90 minutes.

8.36pm and the lights in the hall dimmed and music started to boom from the speakers. I was getting excited. This was an artist that I grew up with in my teens and I haven’t attended a concert of hers before.

She was great, she sang a lot of her old songs that I definitely loved. The funniest thing was, I still remember the lyrics to some of them. Ha!

She really connected with the audience and talk a lot about what she went through and the experiences and lessons that she have learnt. She gave a lot of encouragement and support as well.

Mid concert and a fast song was finally introduced and the medley of fast songs lasted 20 minutes straight of crazy dancing that would have definitely taken a lot of energy. She is one crazy and funny lady.

Nearing the end, she came down from the stage and started shaking hands with the fans and taking pictures. What I like about her is that when she sees a camera on her, she will stop and pose so that the fan will have a nice picture. That is really sweet of her. When the song ended and she was only a third of the way through the aisle of fans, she turned back and asks her band to play another song. It was very impromptu and even she had to figure out what song her band was going to play for her to sing. Other artist would have just stopped and went back on stage at the end of the first song.

It’s no surprise that she is definitely one of the top artists. Her voice is really strong and has power when you hear her sing live. Compared to some of the younger generations now where it’s more falsetto and soft (makes you wonder if a lot of technology had gone into it).

I came out of the concert really happy and enjoyed it very much (even though there was no encore). It lasted till 11pm, 2 and a half hours! I haven’t been listening to her songs in years but now I think I will start to again (that is the power of a good artist).

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