Friday, May 2, 2008

Buses, shoes & Ipod

There is this shoe shop that I have to pass everyday to get to work. It has tempted me for a week now as I saw a pair of shoe that I just fell in love with. However, the heels are super high! I may like heels but I've always been a more practical kinda person and my heels have always been like an inch or two.

For the fun of it, I tried the shoe on and goodness, the sole of my feet was really arched that I wasn't even sure if I could walk without breaking my ankle or something. I felt quite disappointed after that.

After a few days, I finally decided that I would buy it because I really like it and console myself by saying that I'll just change into it when I am in the office (at least that way, I don't have to walk around that much).

All excited, I rushed there after work and they were having a sale. Buy 2 get 1 free, now who can really resist that! Ha!

I literally spent ages looking for 2 other pair of shoes. It's amazing how common sense just runs out the window when I could have spend less for just 1 pair but for the sake of 2 more, I ended spending a lot more. Sigh.

After 40 freaking minutes, I ran out of the shop with 3 shoe boxes, my laptop bag, my gym bag and my own purse. OMG! I couldn't wait to get home. Went to catch the bus but I just missed it and had to wait another 20 minutes and it was raining so all the seats at the bus stand was wet. I was left standing and waiting. Finally, with 10 minutes to go, I decided to listen to my Ipod.

To my horror, I couldn't find it! I must have left it in the office. Oh no! someone could just easily take it. In the end, I ran back with all my luggage to see if it was still there. Luckily, the cleaner left it at the side of the table and I was relieved. All the while remembering that a fortune teller told me this year to be careful of my belongings. Ha!

Anyway, tried to get back to the bus stand in time only to see my bus just pull away. =(

It's going to be another 30 minutes wait (and I was getting hungry).

Oh well, here are the shoes I bought. The one that I fell in love with was the blue one with peep toes! Was it worth it?

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