Saturday, May 3, 2008

Congratulations Winnie & Peter

Congratulations once again to Winnie & Peter.

I attended my first friend's wedding today. Before, it was always attending wedding with my parents when I was still a wee kid!

It was the church service in the afternoon and we were greeted and given a nice little welcome book.

The church was a good size and not too big that you lose that intimate atmosphere & cosiness of friends and family all here for a joyous occasion. We were there pretty early and managed to gets seats 5th row from the front which gave us a good view.

We only waited a little while and the pastor said that the bride has arrived. You could see the anticipation in the groom's eyes. A while longer and the ceremony hasn't started, the pastor jokingly said that maybe the bride changed her mind. GULP, you could see the groom looking a little nervous.

It all went smoothly thereafter and the ceremony proceeded. Hearing the couple exchanging vows got me a tad emotional. The bride was looking absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress.

We also came to the all important question where the pastor asks if anyone objects to this union to please speak now (like you see in the movies), it was a little surreal and trust someone to inadvertently give a cough!

After the ceremony and the registration, it was time for pictures. It has to be the family taking pictures first so the rest of us were ushered to the hall for some finger food. Check out the array and variety of food. Wow!

I saw this swan cream puff and it just looked really cute! It was really delicious too.

You then have the bride throwing the bouquet of flowers time and there was this 1 particular girl who just pushed past the crowd to get to the spot. She seriously push me and my friend away to get there and we weren't even where the area was! She even dived for the flowers when it was thrown, that was how MUCH she wanted it. Needless to say, she got it!

After the church ceremony, there was a few hours to spare to get some rest before the dinner. It was a full-on 12 course Chinese style dinner with the works. Shark's fin, chicken, duck, fish, scallop, rice, noodles, it was a LOT. The desserts were really succulent and was really good. I had yum cha at this restaurant before and they are definitely one of the better ones in town. I really couldn't eat anymore after that.

We all had a great time, catching up with people whom I've not seen for a while and witnessing the union of 2 people.

To the newlyweds: Have a great honeymoon! See you when you get back.

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