Monday, May 12, 2008


I received an unexpected email today. It was from a work mate who I've become really close to. She send out an email to a few of us and was telling each and everyone of us how appreciative she is.

That really made my day and was a nice surprise to finish the work day. Especially as I had to travel far to get to my client this week. A total travel time of 3.5 hours and my ipod battery died on me in the morning just when I left my house. I left the ipod on and it must have drained all its battery blasting music in the night. My bus arrived 10 minutes late which caused me to miss the train I need to catch as well. Amazing how when you need everything to run on time like clockwork and it doesn't.

Her email got me thinking...

1. Who says that you can't be good friends with people that you've met at work. Although they may not know anything about you or how you were like when you were a kid, but the ones who click and are of the same kindred spirits just seems to be the exception. I've met some people whom I'm glad that they have entered into my life.

2. We don't tell or show the friends and family we have how appreciated or loved they are. Yes, we tend to only say and pick on the bad stuff sometimes with our boyfriends/girlfriends, mom, dad, brothers and sisters. But we don't tell them equally how thankful we are for times when they just drop everything and help us or do little stuff or sometimes be our slaves for the day.

3. We don't catch up enough or tell our friends how important their friendship is. I have many friends overseas whom I treasure their friendship but with our busy lives and distance between us, I probably have not talked to some of them in months or years but they are still very important to me. More so sometimes than the friends I meet often. We lose out on what is happening in their lives and they in ours.

To the people who send me spam email or mass emails saying good things, I somehow don't think that that is as sincere though. I'm not sure if they just like reading and forwarding emails or do they really mean it. Especially if they do it on a regular basis like everyday. I suppose to other side of the coin is that they thought of you when they are forwarding those emails.

We all seem to be so time poor nowadays that even emails and texts are not helping us to stay in touch enough with people we love and treasure.

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