Sunday, May 18, 2008


Has anyone seen the new movie '21'? Fantastic movie, I definitely enjoyed it and wouldn't mind going back to watch it again. There is always something about gambling and cards that gets my blood ticking (although I swear that I don't have an addiction to gambling!).

Well, this week was the movie's premiere week and I decided to make good use of my free movie ticket and watch it. After all, my free movie ticket expires this month!

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the cinema. As you know, I am not a frequent visitor of the cinemas. If not, my free ticket would have been used sooner.

Firstly, they now issue tickets with seat numbers. So you better just seat in your allocated seat or bargain with the ticket issuer to let you choose your seat when you buy it. Previously, it was "first come first serve" and "the early bird gets the worm" kinda thing.

They must also have done some renovations. Check out the seats.

All plush and ergonomic for your back. There is even a side table thing for the ladies to put their handbags. No more having to rest in on your lap. How cool is that!

Something else that impressed me were the side rest. Now those couples would be rejoicing. Low enough that you don't have to twist your hands at awkward angles to hold hands and a nice plushy cushion-ish arm rest so that it is comfortable for 2 hours!

Great seats (did I mention that I manage to curl my legs in my seat? It was just like watching a movie at home) and a good movie. The asian dude in the movie was really funny too...what's with him trying to always just get as much freebies as possible from hotel rooms and even at a night club! There are definitely people like that in the world. That's why hotels have calculated that into our room rates, towels, bathrobes, shampoos etc...

That was a good 2 hours spent!

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