Sunday, April 29, 2007

Muji 无印良品

While in HK, I went to watch the movie "Because I Said So" which stars Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore, not to mention Piper Perabo who was in "Centre Stage". Absolutely loved that movie!

Went to Cityplaza in TaiKoo (太古) to watch the movie and I came across this store. Apparently, quite a lot of Japanese live around this area which is why you see quite a number of Japanese stores.

The decor in the store intrigued me and I decided to go in. They sell a lot of things! Work, sport and casual attire, household goods, sweets, food, furniture etc... and if you look at the Japanese prices on the label, it is definitely cheaper to buy in the Muji store in Japan than it is in HK. However, that aside, it is still cheap buying it in HK.

Looking for travel toiletries, empty cosmetic bottles and cosmetics? You have to come to this store. I regretted not knowing about Muji earlier.

Naturally, I ended up where the food section is..sweets...biscuits...OooOh....
Too many to choose the end, I decided to try their dried vegetables.

As you can see, it consists of long beans, pumpkin, carrots among others. It is definitely something different.

Next thing I tried was the marshmallow with sakura filling. Nice~

What next? This is sweet and sour squid. Umm...wasn't sure about this one but I just had to try it. Tasted it..really is both sweet and sour!

Got myself a drink too...but this is no ordinary is actually Konyaku Jelly drink. I've eaten Konyaku jelly before but never drank one. flavoured too..I like this one...

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