Friday, April 20, 2007

A Day to Remember...

Today is a good day to remember. It didn't start well in the morning and I was thinking to myself.."Oh no..hope that this is not a sign that today is just going to be a bad day".

After slogging away working and studying for more than 1 year without stopping! It starts to get to you. I have finally finished my last exam and with the results release today, I passed! I can now officially dump the CA from "boyfriend" status to a mere friend!

Hehe....I still can't believe that I have finally reached the end and yet still have to work tomorrow on a Saturday.

Oh well....I'll be celebrating after that.


It was a great feeling announcing to the rest of team mates whose screams of joy could be heard quite a distance away. Thank you to those of you who remembered and wished me good luck.


MichelleShinyi said...

congrats kay jean!!!

sorry i haven't been posting comments earlier, i finally managed to retrieve my blogspot password after 3 tries

i've been following your blog though - your trip to HK and Japan looks fantastic - now i want to go too!

Saryn said...

I want to go back to HK and Japan again too. Give me a call when you're next in Sydney. :)