Monday, April 9, 2007

Holidaying in Japan

I had an absolutely fabulous time in Osaka and Kyoto. Although all that walking around temples and shrines really took its toll on my poor feet!

The food is fantastic...I've had the BEST unagi ever in one of the sushi places. It just practically melts in your! The food is always presented really nicely with decorations.
Check out my food blog for all the food stuff!

The people are so polite and customer service is superb. Although they are so polite that I even had to pause for a second to politely say no to people giving out flyers when in other places, you can just walk by.

It can be a problem when you can't really read or speak Japanese though, I remember going to this place once and I selected a dish and the waitress ask what sauce i would like. I looked at the menu and decided to just pick one but the only problem was when I pointed to some random words, those words actually meant "please pick one"! hahaha...the puzzled look on the waitress face was pretty funny...

In the end, the right sauce was picked as the other one meant chilli.

Scouting around for Sakura trees became like a overzealous passion.

Then we come to shopping, if you're looking for skincare and cosmetics, Japan is by far cheaper then Hong Kong and Sydney.

Sigh...I would love to go back again but this time I want to go to the parkland which has this really tall roller coaster...I shall now go back to my dreamland to immerse myself in Japan once again.

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