Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day

Today is Anzac Day in Australia and for the people, it is a day to remember the sacrifices of those who had died during the First World War.

It turned out to be a cold and rainy day here in Sydney as it has been for the past few days.

My room feels really cold from the wind that breezes through. I don't even have to switch on my fan anymore which is a good thing!

I'm currently lying here on the couch in my living room and listening to 莫文尉- 他不爱我. This is an old song but somehow it just came to me again that I really want to listen to this song. I don't know why I am loving this song right now..I wonder wh?!

Today is going to be a relaxing day for me and there will be no more public holidays or weekends where I feel guilty for not studying as it is now over. I still can't really believe...I'm a CA now!
Now, I can relax without guilt and start to look for friends who probably thought that I had disappeared from the earth for the past 3 years.

Hope that everyone of you is having a good day too...with this I leave you to this song....

他不爱我 牵手的时候太冷清
他不爱我 说话的时候不认真
我知道他不爱我 他的眼神 说出他的心
我看透了他的心 还有别人逗留的背影
他的回忆 清除得不够干净
我看到了他的心 演的全是他和她的电影
他不爱我 尽管如此 他还是赢走了我的心

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