Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Leaving for Japan

Finally, it was the day to leave for Osaka. My sis and I were really excited as we have been looking forward for so long! The trip took us the whole day as our flight was at 11am and by the time we arrived at our Ryokan Hotel in Kyoto, it was around 10pm. It was a bad flight to be taking but everything else was booked out.

One thing that I realised when taking the Cathay Pacific flight, we ended up having to listen to any instructions or messages from the Captain and air stewardesses four times. Especially the flight back to HK. We had to listen to the same message in Mandarin, English, Japanese and Cantonese. MAN! it kept interrupting the movie that I was watching on the screen.

The food was great of the best airline food I've ever had in terms of quality and choices.

I was also *lucky* enough to be one of the randomly selected people by the airline staff to complete a survey on the airline and flight service on the flight to Osaka. I was more than happy to fill it up, haha! The only problem was that the survey was entirely in Japanese! Now, how was I suppose to complete the survey?

The only thing that I could make out was some questions where they had a range and you need to pick one and the range was depicted by smily and unhappy faces!

Now, how do I write on the survey that perhaps they should also have Engligh on it for Jap-illiterate people.

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