Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Ep 13 & 14

As the weeks go by, I have to say kudos to the editing team. The vids shown are less and less boring and unnecessary fillers and are a lot more interesting compared to the first few weeks.

What's new this week?

Episode 13 started with the girls going for the breakfast show with Elaine Daly. It's a good experience to brush up on being articulate and showing your personality across on TV.

Next was going for a gym session. Now, I don't really know if I am THAT interested in watching 2 minutes of just them prancing around and moving their hands. Those 2 minutes could have easily been shorten to 15 seconds. After the gym, it was off to Sunway Lagoon for some thrilling rides. They sure keep the girls busy!

I would have been just as happy sleeping in a nice comfy bed!

After that, we see Kenny Sia made an appearance with a challenge for the girls. Later, he was a houseguest with a few other men which the girls had to prepare a dinner for. Seems they are swooning over a particular house guest more than the others!

I'm pretty sure that the house that the girls are in could possibly be in Taman Tun?

After that, you could not avoid eliminations. It's an elimination with a twist though! Watch it to see what I'm talking about.

Then, we move on to Episode 14 and as usual, we have some minutes of the girls talking about the eliminations.

Now, the part where all the girls have to step up as there is going to be more than 1 person being eliminated next! The photoshoot. This week is "Couture Batik" merged with art. You'll know what I mean when you see the pics.

After the photoshoot, the girls had another challenge where they had to act in an advertisement for Escada perfume. Adeline won the challenge but I personally thought that Jay and Cindy stood out the most in the adverts. They really capture you attention and you can see their faces clearly which is always a good thing. Ringo wasn't bad but you can never see her face clearly so she would lose out if it was the real commercial world where you want people to notice you.

Now, the actual photos:


Amazing! The pose, her expression, the combination of the art and colours with the dress just works! I have to say that she really stepped up this week. After looking through everyone else's photos, she gets "winning photo of the week".

She commands your attention and I definitely looked at her photo for more than just a few seconds.


To Ringo's dismay, she did mentioned that she wasn't too happy with the photo that was ultimately chosen and she was only just warming up when they said that she was done. The top half and her expression is good but the overall photo does not look proportionate. I think it's to do with the dress being longer than her height can carry and maybe that pose that she is using.

It just somehow emphasized her shortness, maybe if tried jumping in the air so that the whole dress is flowing, it will give the illusion that her body is a lot longer!


I like this photo. I like the colour scheme, the pose and her expression works. She looks like a character from some manga comic book. There are so many interesting elements in the picture that you definitely stay a while to look at all of them.


It's a good photo. Definitely better than others this week but somehow it just looks normal. Nothing spectacular. Her pose and expression doesn't complement the dress and the colour art.


There just seems to be something that is not quite right with this photo. Nadia usually takes at least good photos of a certain standard, but this one just seems to be a flop to me. Nothing is complimenting each other, I personally think that this is a bad photo.


What happen?? I'm really surprised with Nadia and Jay this week. Both their photos just don't work. I don't even know what to say about Jay. It's not even a simple tweaking here and there that will make this work. Everything in this photo isn't working!

Based on this week's photos, some girls are able to thrive on the pressure while others seem to crumble. It's going to be an interesting elimination. Are the votes going to end up being popularity or merit based?

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