Thursday, April 17, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Ep 11 & 12

Time seems to pass really quickly and we are down to 6.

It is starting to get a lot more interesting due to the editing team. Kudos to them. With each week, the episodes have less fillers. We got to see snaps of the girls during MIFA which was great and also the elimination.

I am so disappointed! Why is it Fiqa?? She had one of the best photos last week but it didn't seem to have help. All the remaining girls are also making an effort to talk more and bring out their personalities more instead of hiding in the shadows. I guess that fact that it is a competition is starting to hit on them more now and each one is making an effort.

The week's photo shoot is for designs by Carven Ong with the location at Savanh Too Bar.
After the pep talk by Sazzy Falak at the last elimination, I am looking forward to better photos this week.


Her pose really brings out the dress to its fullest and the lighting and background was the right pick too. However, her facial expression is just wrong and doesn't go with everything else.


What can I say? It's a good photo but it doesn't stand out. I don't know what is she trying to express here with the dress that she is wearing.


Surprised to say but hands down Jay has the winning photo of the week.

Her posture and angle brings out the dress and her body shape really well. Most importantly, she connected with the camera and her expression and eyes grabs my attention.


A very regal look which goes well with the dress but the make up is just a little too harsh. Especially the red lipstick, she ends up looking pretty bitchy in here.


I've seen this expression before and it's one that doesn't work. She is now able to work on her face angles but she is not giving the right expression. This photo and the previous one just looks like she is trying to look sad?


Ringo used the right pose to bring out the dress. It works but she needs to work on her facial expression for everything to be right. This photo shows her face looking puffy!

Overall, I still feel like a lot of work needs to be done as at the moment, there isn't anyone who is consistent and which I feel has the same standard to be consistent as a model. At this stage, any of this girls can go. The one to win will be the person who decides to step up.

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