Monday, July 16, 2007

When a stroke of bad luck hits you...

You know those movies and stories you watch and read of people having a bad day! I've heard of knowing one piece of bad news or something unlucky happening, but I have not experienced a few in a day.
My day started off well enough until I was in the office at 8.3o in the morning. My laptop decided to throw a tantrum and just didn't want to connect to the internet nor the office server. This means that I can't access my emails nor am I able to print any documents. Sigh~ before I could get the IT people to do anything, I had to head off to a client.
The end of the day hits and my colleague was driving along the Harbour Bridge back to the office when her tyre blew out. OMG! This was the Harbour Bridge that we are talking about. We managed to scoot to the side of the bridge where the staff building was. Got the staff to help us called NRMA but apparently they don't go on the Harbour Bridge. They manged to get another toll company to arrive though. So although I was like two minutes away from the office, pedestrians are not allowed to walk on the highway so I had to catch a cab to take me just round the corner.
Got to the office and they couldn't fix my laptop as the IT personnel in Sydney have all gone. Now I have to get into the office at 8am in the morning again.
Decided to console myself by getting me some 70 cents Krispy Kreme donuts but got frightened by a huge rat/possum running across the park at night. Eek~
I'm just glad that the day is over.

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