Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mua?!

It is my birthday today and I totally forgot! Had a celebration dinner with a few of my closer workmates the weekend before and it turned out to be a really good night. 17 of us sharing two long tables and having a banquet. We sure were a noisy crowd! Thank you to those of you who gave me this flower~ that was really sweet! Thank you to those of you for those lovely lovely presents~
Anyway, on the actual day of my birthday (which is today), my laptop decided to crash on me the night before and I just couldn't use the internet at all. In this modern world, I CANNOT not have internet. So bright and early I woke up to rush to work to get the IT people to look at it. Saw an sms on my phone and it was a long known friend of mine who wished me a happy birthday. Thanks Michael, you're the first one. It didn't even register to me at that point, I couldn't' believe it.
There goes my free Boost juice drink as I forgot to mention the special occasion.
Anyway, I just wanted to shout out to all of you who remembered and took the effort to send me messages, be it in any form!


sourrain said...

happy birthday kjean!!!!

adriane said...

Happy Belated B'day gal...!!