Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shanghai days...

A slight drizzle and haze in the sky greeted me in the morning in Shanghai today. Weather has turned colder as well.

Was taken out for dinner last night again and we went to a restaurant that has amazing décor. Think ‘20s and ‘30s décor charms with high ceilings enhanced with oriental carvings and furniture. I had to pause and admire the architecture for a while before being led to the table. Food was good, as is the culture here. There was way more food than could have been eaten by our group.

After dinner, went for a massage at a spa that was recommended. At RMB108 for over an hour traditional massage, it was hard to say no compared to the prices that you will have to pay in London.

5 minutes into the massage and I had to stop myself from screaming, my muscles have become really tensed. I guess lugging a 10kg bag on one shoulder with all the travelling has created its toll. I could feel all the tender spots on my neck too! Somehow midway through, the muscles have relaxed and I actually fell asleep. I didn’t want it to end.

Can’t wait to make my next appointment even though my back is really sore.

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