Friday, March 5, 2010

Time Out Shanghai

A few days into my trip here in shanghai, I chanced upon the Time Out Shanghai monthly magazine and got myself a copy. This was the March 2010 issue and the front article on the best markets was enticing!

Anyhow, there was a restaurant that was recommended in the magazine under the 'Off the Beaten Track' food section which is called 十味观. This restaurant was highlighted for its variety of coloured ‘xiao long pao 小笼包’. In a land where you can get 小笼包 at nearly everywhere you turn, coloured ones is something unique and it immediately piqued my curiosity to try it.

After a long day at work, we left later than expected for dinner and was worried that the restaurant might be close. The taxi did not even drop us at the location and we had to walk around to find it. Didn’t help that we were walking in the rain in the wrong direction before we realised that we had to double back.

Can you imagine the look on our faces when we got to the restaurant and what did we see? A truck parked at the front of the restaurant and workers lugging out the kitchen stove. Tables and chairs have been totally removed as well!

Seeing that scene before me, I think even in my food deprived brain, I'm pretty sure that the restaurant has closed its business. Not happy! How can Time Out recommend a restaurant in its latest monthly magazine which is the March 2010 version and have that restaurant shut down in just a few days into the month? It’s only been less than a week into March!

What is going on Time Out?

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