Thursday, August 2, 2007

One of those long long days

Most of us go know what we are in for when mid July hits and the busy season starts. Some are lucky, some have to slave away. Unfortunately, what was suppose to be a good client this year turns out to be one that is pressed for time and more work to do and a cut in the number of us in the team does not help either.

After working our asses off the past 2 weeks, there was only me and another colleague left this week. We still worked hard but not till the wee hours of the night as I don't think that our bodies could take it. We both agreed that panic mode will only start tomorrow and we will work through the weekend and Monday.

Alas! The director calls and wants everything to be finished up by tomorrow. OMG!! I don't even know how am I going to be able to do that. Fingers crossed and hope for the best while I am still in the office now and slowly working my way through. It doesn't help when you have these 2 BABOONS yakking away 10 metres from you. Yes!! 2 BABOONS whose sole mission seems to be to disturb and distract others from being able to concentrate on their work!

Go dirty stares at your direction should be enough ammunition.

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michellesy said...

poor thing, hope the busy season passes soon so you can catch up on some much needed r and r