Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Travel & Living Channel

One of my client's head office happens to be about 3 hours drive away from Sydney. As a team of us have to come here twice a year, the travel hours is a nightmare and we just stay around here.

I always love coming back here due to my recent discovery that the hotel that we always stay in has Pay TV! Now, I'm not excited just because there are additional channels. I am excited that they have 1 channel that is exclusive to just Travel & Living.

I can't wait to switch on the TV everytime just to watch all the food and travel program shows. There is even a series known as "Miami Ink". This program is about a really well known tattoo shop in Miami. It shows the people who come and get tattoos and the stories behind the tattoos. It does give an interesting insight into peoples' experiences.

There was another time when I discovered a dish that has uses a chocolate sauce. Yum~ anything with chocolate is fine by me!

So at the moment, my panda eyes are just going to get bigger as I just can't tear my eyes away from watching.

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