Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hair salon & exorbitant prices

I've had the same hairdresser since I was in high school. I remember me being young and innocent at a tender age of 14 walking timidly by myself into a hair salon for the first time.

He greeted me with a smile and took care of me. He was but an apprentice then, and instead of giving me the usual blow dry, he styled me hair with long cascading curls that caused eyes to turn when I was walking on the street. He gave me a haircut that was practically maintenance free, fuss free and the kind of hair that I can just jump out of bed and it still looks great. I was loyal ever since and grew up as his career grew and he had his own salon. He even opened up a second one in the last few years.

The prices that he charges are not pricey at all and at RM45 per haircut. Even my mom, friends and friend's mom became loyal customers. Those kind of prices and considering that this is a hairdresser that regularly does hair shows and fashion magazines. It's a steal!

That was all fine and dandy till I moved to Sydney. Finding a hairdresser that you are happy with is not easy. Mainly being a lot of the Asian hairdressers like to limit themselves to the usual haircut. Having been told that I have a round face and not suitable for any hair length shorter than my shoulder consistently starts to take its toll. The Caucasian hairdressers are more open and I got a few short haircuts which I get heaps of compliments on. However, they all happen when I was a hair model and this hairdressers are international hairdressers. I don't want my haircut to cost me the price of an air ticket!

I decided this week that it's time for a hair cut and pop into a new hair salon that opened near while I live. Considering that my hair is still short (pic), I was expecting it to be quick and modestly priced. Imagine my surprise when she told me that it will cost me AUD75 and she is going to put in some treatment that I don't have to wash out but just so that my hair looks great brings it to a total of AUD95! OMG!

Number one being, that treatment she mentioned sounds suspiciously like just leave-in conditioner and number two being AUD75 to trim my SHORT HAIR??

And this is just a simple cut and blow dry, there isn't even any hair wash thrown in!

The prices that some of these hair salons charged is just ridiculous! If anyone knows of any good hairdressers in Sydney, please let me know!


sourrain said...

seeing that we had 'similar' hairstyle, I assume that you are trimming the 'tail' off?

I did mine alone. Damn budget rite

Saryn said...

That was my intention but in the end, I decided to keep it. So I only had it layered so that it doesn't poof up as much. All about the sleek look. =P
Well, I say if you can't find someone you trust to cut, might as well cut yourself. I did trim the "tails" myself before this too.