Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The behaviour of some people

Recently, I tried to apply for leave in November. However, in my company, if you have already been scheduled onto an engagement, you need to talk to the manager involved to release you. Considering that there is more than 2 months to go, I approach the manager to release me only to be smack in the face with some harsh words.

This is just a simple taking leave process but she is especially making things really difficult. Sending me really harsh emails and saying that I need approval from my partner. That is just ridiculous, I have followed per the company policy and we are not in high school. Intimidation or authority such as this is uncalled for. It may be the fact that the manager doesn't want to let me go but you just live with in and move on. Making it difficult for me to go on leave is not going to make me feel any happier to work on your client either.


At the end of the day, it says a lot if you need to resort to tactics like this. Authoritarian power never win hearts and minds over, personal power does!

We are in the working world now and are mature adults. I do not need to feel intimidated when I have done nothing wrong. Some people just really need to re-assess their behaviour.

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michellesy said...

how immature 0_O

she should grow up and learn how to be a manager, not act like she's in kindergarden still