Saturday, March 10, 2007

Less than 36 hours to go...

In less than 36 hours, I will be en route to Hong Kong and Japan for nearly three weeks for a long awaited holiday break. I've been looking forward to this for ages. I feel like the last time that I truly had a holiday was when I was back home to see my family and friends and that was in 2005!

Alas! before that can happen, I still have one more exam to go through...just ONE MORE! Please just let me pass. This is the first time since undertaking the CA program where I actually finish the Learning Pack with at least 2 days to spare to tie up my critical file and go through exam papers. Previously, i usually ended up with only the night before due to my procrastination streak! Isn't it funny how we have no hesitation doing anything else like eating, catching up with friends but come up with a million and one excuses when it comes to studying. Working full time and study does take its toll on you as well.

Procrastination nearly took over again when earlier during the week I decided to watch just one episode of a TV series while having dinner and telling myself sternly, just 1 episode and you're going back to studying. Instead, I ended up watching the entire series as each episode ended in a cliffhanger! :(

Somehow, with this potentially being my last one, I managed to muster up some motivation and a lot of work to get myself back on track; but the more I study the less I feel that I seem to know. How can this be happening...

This shall be my last posting until after the exam where hopefully I have some good news about how it went. Till then, smile and be positive!

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