Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My journey continues...

I'm onto my 7th day here and my adventure continues with some pretty interesting observations..

Went to Genki sushi for dinner and noticed that instead of the waitstaff bringing your tea to you and you have to keep asking them to refill. They have the green tea powder and hot water tap right in front of you so that it is self service! Brilliant, now everyone can adjust their green tea to their liking. I placed too much green tea powder into my cup in my excitement and my green tea was quite strong but it was great!

While shopping around, I inadvertently got myself in the shopping district on a Friday night peak hour time when everyone is out to shop and catch up with friends after work and to relax for the weekend. If you're a little people phobic, might be a good idea to not be out during those times.

I couldn't help but take pictures of this which blew my cover that I was a tourist here..haha..

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