Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fashion...Food...Fabulous (Part 2)

Next comes Fashion..... I was just walking around and what did I see? A Snoopy shop.....Snoopy is my all time favourite cartoon character! I just had to go in....

And what else did I find here? Giordano has a whole level specifically for ladies, check out the decor, absolutely amazing! Sofas and chairs around the store for the men to sit around while their female friends shop around, they even have a huge dressing room with even more chairs and lush carpets for companions to sit while waiting for the ladies to dress and asks their opinions! As I had to take the picture discreetly, it doesn't show exactly how glam the dressing room is!

Did I also mention that a Giordano business shirt is more expensive than one from G2000 here? I simply could not believe it! This is Giordano that we are talking about...

Decide to get a haircut while you're here? can always pop over to the Esprit hair salon! The Huge pictures shows the hairstylist and which Esprit salon that you can find them. I decided not to go for a haircut there this time, maybe next time.

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