Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have always been a fan of charcoal, charcoal tablets are really effective when you have a stomach ache or ate something wrong, they are also really great in eliminating smells from the fridge or shoes. Imagine my surprise when I was walking around in Wan Chai and I noticed a "Charcoal Shop'. A walk through and they sell everything with charcoal, even pillows. I was quite intrigued by the mahjong set made of charcoal, it was really unique! However, I wasn't too sure about those little charcoal deco on a string and charcoal figurines which promises to eliminate radiation waves from your computer and mobile phones. Hmm....scientifically that just does not make sense.

There were also plenty of small shops around Wan Chai and this was one shop that has really nice deco, hence my camera is taken out for a snap!

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