Thursday, July 1, 2010

Desk decoration galore....

It is always a period of adjusting whenever you start a new job. Learning the ropes, getting to know the people and the culture. My new company is very different and I am slowly acquainting myself to the bits and bops.
I was so happy when I noticed that there is a break out area and a café but unfortunately my team loves to eat at their desk or out of the office. Have not found a lunch buddy yet.

I am loving the fact that I actually have a permanent desk instead of being immersed in the luck of the lottery to whichever hot desks are available for the past few years. It is nice to be able to experience and decorate your desk. Day by day, I try to make it more me! =)

Sow hat did I get up to? I have some recipe books on one side so that I can look at them when I need a break. Am thinking of maybe a cute figurine or two to brighten me up pr perhaps a tiny plant (although the office health and safety or gardeners might not be too impressed!) I have also been slowly bringing in snacks and shoes! LOL! Aahh…the wonders and fascination of it all.

Got me thinking, what else do people do whether intentionally or not with their work desk?

Have not succumbed to posting photos yet…..

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