Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cupcake mission accomplished!

FINALLY.....after three weeks of trying, I managed to get my cherry blossom cupcakes!

Walking back from Hummingbird, there were 2 little kids walking in front of me. The elder brother holding the hand of his little sister and walking along the pavement. Imagine being little kids on a busy pavement and having people walk by you from all directions as well as watching out for traffic.

What happen next brought a smile to my lips and touch my heart. The brother guided the little sister to the other side of him so that he is standing closest to the road and her to the pavement and shops. Protecting her more from the danger of the traffic (both human and vehicles). This is what I call pure selfless love and care.

I've always noticed that in a man if he does that, sign of being a true gentleman. To see that in a kid...little boy you rock!

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