Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I was looking forward to the weekend away trip for so long. The uncle of one of our friends was kind enough to loan us his holiday house for the weekend. For me, it was about enjoying the company of friends and just being away. For some of them, it was just about alcohol. Ha!

Friday night came and even before we left the city, we had a few crazy moments. Let's just say it was along the lines of switching drivers while at the red lights and passing a map to the car behind us while at another set of red light.

It didn't help that I gulped down my drink at the bar straight before we started our journey there and needless to say, I needed to visit the toilet about 30 minutes in.

We finally arrived and the house was fantastic! Thanks V. It was located at Manyana which was past Jervis Bay down South of Sydney.

Doesn't the bed look inviting after a whole week of work? I was too excited and didn't manage to take photos of the entire house. But wooden floors and the sound of the waves on the beach while sleeping is definitely my cup of tea.

Most of us decided that it was time to get some rest before the crazy activities are to start. I slept on this and it was just sooo comfortable.

Morning came and this was what greeted me. Amazing, I'm in heaven.

Breakfast was toast, bacon and eggs. Yum!

Round off with creamy Lindt chocolate. Slurp!

Games started and so did the drinks and cocktails!

Followed by another and another and another.

Lunch was BBQ. Check out all that meat and grease. Haha.....

We had our lunch at the patio. It was so cold and windy but we braved it just to have the view and smell of the ocean. I was so stuffed after that. I seriously don't think I can have dinner.

More drinks again. Seriously, I think I am drinking more this weekend than I did in the past year!

R suggested a drinking card game and we all started to play. Penalty were drinking shots. There were a lot more shots than this but that was just the first round. Thankfully, I didn't do too badly with the card game and didn't have to drink that much. Alas, I kept getting nominated by T to drink.

By the time I was able to have dinner, it was around 11pm. OMG!

I was soo tired when it was past midnight, not to mention the amount of alcohol in me that it was time for bed. T and I lit a candle in our sleeping area and chatted the night away.

Aren't this bedroom slippers cute?

No breakfast yet and it was already time for more drinks. My group of friends sure are drinkers.

Yummy Caesar salad for breakfast.

With plenty of leftover BBQ meat.

It's time to head home now. Bye holiday house. I wish we had a long weekend and could have stayed longer but I don't think my liver will appreciated that.

It was so good to getaway and have some stress release. Great friends and company.

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