Thursday, June 19, 2008

Apple store opening, Sydney

For those who have been wondering what the commotion was that started in the afternoon at the corner of King and George Street in Sydney, it was the opening of the Apple store. The first ever in the Southern hemisphere and the second largest in the world so far. There was quite a buzz going around with many Apple fans flying in from other states and overseas.

The media got a sneak peek yesterday but us public have to wait until today.

The store is to open at 5pm to the public. When I got there half an hour before, there was already a huge queue.

It stretched all the way round the side of the block to the middle of the next street.

Lucky for me, I had my newest baby to keep me occupied while waiting. The good people at Nudie also came and quench our thirst.

There was a lot of waiting and waiting and the queue just keeps getting longer and longer.

Finally I was at the side of the Apple store with only about 50 people ahead of me. It started to drizzle. Ooh! I need to get in.

20 people ahead of me, I am now waiting at the front of the store.

Finally got in. The first 2,400 patrons get a free T-shirt. Yippee....I was one of the first 2,400 people.

The first level are all the computers and peripherals. You get to the second level and you are greeted with an array of all the ipods and media accessories.

As the whole place has an open theme with glass walls, you could still see the queue waiting to get in at the entrance.

Could see Channel 9 covering the opening event on the side.

Love the displays on the side.

Anyone interested in pink laptop covers?

Up the amazing stairs to Level 3 and you get to the service/genius centre.

The wall displays conveys this on Level 3 as well. While the parents are having their one on one discussions, you can leave the kiddies on the side to play games.

Anyone interested in some lab workshops?

Check out the huge long table of techies answering questions and helping customers.

The signature Apple logo hanging in the middle of the store.

The the people who are still queueing to get in, the Apple staff were kind enough to start handing out Apple umbrellas so that they don't get wet.

I love the umbrella. Simple and just the logo. This is one umbrella that I am happy to help flaunt and advertise.

Were you one of the lucky few to get an umbrella?

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