Friday, June 6, 2008

Allergies and rashes

OMG...I woke up the next day from my trip and I was covered with rashes on my entire face and hands!

The skin was so bumpy and red and really inflamed! This is a result of too much alcohol, I used to get rashes when I first started drinking as a teen. I needed to get to a pharmacy during lunchtime to get me some anti-histamine.

It's already been 5 days and it is only slowly subsiding. The only thing that I can use is Aloe Vera.

That's it, no more drinking for me for a while. It was so not worth it, I would have felt a bit better if the rashes was just on my body and not my entire FACE!

Considering that my resolve was not to drink as well but I decided what the heck! Now, I need more resolve then ever and is the perfect reason for my friends not to force me to drink next time.

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