Thursday, June 21, 2007

Middle-Aged Men

I'm working somewhere far this week, a few hours drive away from Sydney CBD. Been here before and it's a nice little town/country area. Superb food!

Anyway, was happily dining with a colleague and being food fanatics, we couldn't help taking pictures of the food. This guy who looks to be around his late-forties just approached our table offering to help us take a picture for us. Being polite, we just agreed (although we were taking pics of the food, not us!!). All was well and fine and we continued with our dinner till we came to dessert.

This same guy just plonk his chair at our table when his mate went off to the toilet. Being friendly people, we don't mind just a chat. However, he started invading into our personal space by sitting really close and touching our hands! We were like HUH!!!

His mate came back and was looking a little puzzled that his friend deserted him but he came and join us after that. He was alright. All of a sudden, this middle-aged dude went over to my friend and started sniffing her! Haha~ insisting that she had perfume on. OMG!! Even his friend sort of told him in a tactful way that that was just inappropriate and that he was making us feel uncomfortable (including him).

OMG!!!! We just left as soon as we could and I went back to my colleague's room to have a laugh about what happen. The next thing you know, there was a knock at her door and it was that guy again! He invited my friend to come over and have a drink with him next door (which is his room!!). She obviously said no and after that, we were just taking in what just happened!

I mean, 2 single females in their twenties by themselves away from home for work! Even if there were no hidden intentions behind, that would still be inappropriate. And he has a daughter too, he wouldn't want his daughter to be in that kind of situation either!

Anyway, a few days have passed and the guy seems to be a little embarassed by what happen! I can't say that my week has not been eventful!


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michellesy said...

euwwwww - so sleazy lah 0_o i mean sniffing your friend? touching your hands? turning up at the hotel room?

stalker ok 0_o