Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After a long weekend...

I managed to get a lot done over the long weekend. Finally cleared up about 88% of the apartment so that it is relatively neat and tidy now instead of having boxes cluttering up everywhere. There is suddenly so much space.

That is on top of going being a hair model for a day and getting my locks snipped off! Surprisingly, I got quite a few compliments about my new haircut in the office today. I've not gotten that before. My hair does look a little different to how it was styled on that day. Not as punky and I place all long strands behind the ear so now it looks chic! Alas! The hair colour is semi permanent so it will only last another 2-3 weeks.

It's late and I need to travel more than an hour tomorrow to a woop woop (a.k.a ulu) place for a stock take. I leave you with more pictures from the Hair Expo.

How Cute! Hairdryers...curling irons...straighteners..in the form of a key chain?

Apparently, these are made of Swarovski Crystals and cost a bomb!

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