Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

I confess that I am a HUGE reality TV junkie! Already way behind most reality shows due to Australia who tends to show series much later than in the US, I only recently got to watch Hell's Kitchen which has the famous UK chef, Gordon Ramsay. I have to say that it was a refreshing insight to the kitchen and I was loving every minute of it. That includes all the swearing at staff and customers too. Hehe~

It became my must watch show every Tuesday. Alas! Stupid Channel Nine is currently making so many changes to their schedule that it seems that this show has been somewhat permanently axed~

I got myself all ready to enjoy this week's episode only to have it replaced with something else. I am not a happy lady! Sigh~


Wee Hun said...

You're on season 1 or 2?
Only reality show I watch....Gordon Ramsay..that man's a genius

Saryn said...

I think it's season 1. Can you believe it. That is how behind Oz is. *faint*