Monday, May 7, 2007

Khalil Fong...HK's version of Jay Chou?

I came across an article recently that caught my interest. It says that there is a singer who is HK's version of Jay Chou. Now that seems to be a rather big call as Jay Chou is not only a singer, he is also a composer, director etc...

Khalil Fong (方大同) was born in Hawaii but grew up in Shanghai. He has been in the HK music industry for over 10 years and insists on only singing mandarin songs. He is known as a lyricist, composer, producer, arranger and performer. His songs have an R&B feel to it, hence the comparison to Jay Chou. He has also composed for many well known singers such as Jacky Cheung.

I have to say that he is not one of the best looking out there. Out of curiosity as to why I've not heard of him before, I got hold of his latest album "This Love" to have a listen to. He has 2 albums so far, 1st is "Soul Boy" and 2nd "This Love".

I didn't really like it on the first hearing. However, his music grows on you the more you listen to it. It definitely has a lot of R&B influence and the music arrangement is definitely not too mainstream. To add another notch, most of the songs in his album are composed by him. Some songs that I like are 春風吹之吹吹風, 歌手已模特儿 and 诗人的情人. His album is definitely worth listening if you want to try something different.

He has his own blog for those whom are interested.

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