Saturday, May 5, 2007

Airport Rewards

I learnt something new after my travel to HK and Japan. "Always bring all your cards with you!"
I'm not much of a high flyer and know even less about airport lounges. However, you would be surprised at what sort of airport rewards you can get with your cards.
While waiting to board the plane at the HK airport to Japan, my sis's card allows her entry to a member's lounge where you get free shower, internet, lounges, snacks. Not to mention an exclusive salon where you can opt for either a 15 minute massage or free wash/blow dry! I happily trotted along to see if any of my cards will allow me a free wash/blow dry. Haha...which female would not want that when you have nothing else to do.
Of all cards that they accept, the only one out of all my cards that they accept is Diners which was the ONLY ONE which I chose not to bring with me as I didn't think that I would be using it being a Corporate card! poor me was just waiting around the airport while my sis went in. Ha!
I couldn't believe that of all cards, it was my corporate one that had extra rewards.
Instant mental note : Bring all cards in the future.

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