Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just My Luck!

Was happily leaving work for home early for once today but somehow I missed my bus home by a mere 20 seconds. Had to wait another 15 minutes for the next one which was fine.

When the next bus arrive, I happily trotted on board. However, while the bus was going along the highway, the engine started to make weird noises and the bus just suddenly couldn't seem to take the weight and was really slow.

The bus ended up starting and stalling, starting and stalling in the middle of the highway while I can see cars zooming past us.

We must have been a funny sight to the other cars but it was so not amusing to the rest of us who are actually in the bus. Especially when everyone is trying to get home for dinner!

There was a collective sigh from the passengers when the bus finally heave its last breath and stopped!

The bus driver managed to revive some life back with some CPR and I finally managed to reach my stop to get off, but that wasn't before a later bus went past us though!

Sigh..I ended up getting home later than usual even though I left earlier.

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