Sunday, September 7, 2008

When friends become true friends...

As some of you may know, I currently have 3 more weeks left in Sydney before I move to the London.

I just had a farewell dinner with some of my friends and as I looked around the table of 19, all these people were friends that I knew while working. A thought crept into my mind about what the meaning of friends truly is.

Good friends to me are those that you meet or hang out with all the time. Or even not so, at least you called or chat with each other regularly and know what is happening in each other's lives. Those that are there to always lend a helping hand in need as well.

However, my perception seems to be changing now, more so after tonight's dinner. With my move to Sydney a few years ago, I had to let go of all my high school and uni friends and come on my own to Sydney to work.

These workmates sitting at the table with me having dinner have now become my friends. I am extremely grateful that they have come, especially when it was at short notice. These are the same people that I don't get to talk to regularly or that we even hang out regularly at all. Yet, somehow, whenever there is a function or event, they definitely turn up.

We may not know too much about each other's past and external circle of friends that we all have, and yet there is a bond where we share parts of our private and social lives. We don't talk much about things that trouble us or family/friends problems. However, we can look at each other and there is a confirmation that we are more than just workmates and help is there when needed.

I guess that maybe I am quite a private person and don't do a lot of confiding to people. Therefore, I wouldn't bet an eyelid if the same people consider me as "someone I know from work".IT just amazes me how even though they may not know much about my personal life but they still regard me as special to them.

I find myself now receiving thoughtful birthday and farewell presents that is totally unexpected. I am eternally grateful for their friendships but it just amazes me how my perception of a good friend has drastically changed from even just 5 years ago.

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