Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Platinum card anyone?

Came home one day and found this letter from American Express.

"One of those credit card applications again", I was thinking to myself.

When I opened it, ooh...there was a platinum card inside. Now when did I apply for one? I don't think I even qualify for a platinum. Upon closer inspection, it said "sample only".

Ha! Nearly tricked. Now, we don't really need a sample PLASTIC to entice us to apply for a credit card. That is such a waste of PLASTIC and only goes to deteriorate our environment even further.

Where did my "sample only" plantinum card ended up? In the bin.....


shinyi said...

hahaha, what a realistic replica of a platinum card XD

how have you been lately, hope work hasn't been stressing you out too much?

Saryn said...

Things are looking better. =)